Miss Dior Perfume Review (2021 Formulation)

Miss Dior perfume has a long history that began in 1947. The perfume was originally named after Catherine Dior who was Christian Dior’s sister. Catherine was a French resistance fighter during World War II, and her brother decided that naming his latest perfume after her would be a good idea. As with everything else from the Dior brand, this perfume was designed to be very elegant and luxurious.

It came out at a time when people were still recovering from the war. Women wanted to buy nice things again after not being able to for so long during the war due to rationing. Miss Dior also was designed to be very feminine which was a departure from the hard work that many women did in factories during the war. The original Miss Dior was quite different than today’s modern versions. It was floral with chypre notes which contrasted against heavy notes such as leather and galbanum.

The modern 2021 is much lighter and sweeter. But what does it smell like?

miss dior perfume

Miss Dior Perfume Notes

This perfume was inspired by the Centifolia rose. It comes in an engraved glass bottle with a nice bow. This perfume is famous for its delicate sweetness and floral notes. The top notes consist of iris, peony, and lily-of-the-valley. This renders the perfume very light, floral, and feminine. The sweetness is not too sugary but instead very natural.

The middle notes consist of apricot, rose, and peach. These fruity notes add additional sweetness to the perfume. The rose inspired by the Centifolia rose is uniquely rich and almost spicy. It also balances out the sweetness from the fruit notes.

The base notes are musk, vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood, and benzoin. The vanilla is very prominent along with the sandalwood and tonka bean. The musk and benzoin are on the weaker side. The base notes do well to ground the lighter and more floral notes throughout the perfume.

The perfume is very strong and lasts around 8 hours. It also has very strong projection. This ensures that the perfume lasts all day. This scent is effortlessly elegant and luxurious. It is also one of the most feminine fragrances I’ve discovered so far.

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