Does Perfume Smell Different on Everyone?

Does perfume smell different on everyone?

Few people know the answer to this question, but the short answer is yes. But why? Why should a certain fragrance smell so different when introduced to different skin types? After all, it can be frustrating to find that one perfume smells great on your friend but then smells like sweaty gym socks when you decide to wear it.

Keep reading and learn how the smell of a perfume changes when introduced to your skin.

Does Perfume Smell Different on Everyone?

The scent of a perfume will always smell exactly the same when you smell it from the bottle or from a blotting strip. However, as soon as you put it on your skin, it will smell completely different. This is due to the way the perfume oil interacts with the oil on your skin. Its smell will also change depending on your unique skin type.

Take oily skin, for example. Oily skin seems to react most significantly with perfume. This is because perfumes contain ingredients that make them more likely to be attracted to oil. Besides that, your body’s natural oil will mix with the perfume in a unique way. Many people with oily skin find that the top notes of a perfume last longer compared to those with dry or normal skin.

This is likely because it will be harder for the perfume to penetrate the skin and less likely for the perfume to evaporate right away. Oily skin also seems to emphasize certain scent notes. For example, people with oily skin tend to bring out sweet notes in a perfume more strongly. While this can smell nice, some find that the sweet notes might become unbearably overwhelming and even unpleasant.

does perfume smell different on everyone

Oily skin might also muddy other types of scents. In contrast, citrus scents and other light scents tend to smell much better on oily skin and are also more noticeable.

Perfume on Dry Skin

If you have dry skin and put perfume on, the smell will be quite different than spraying the same perfume on a person with oily skin. This is because dry skin won’t have enough oil to make the perfume cling and las longer. For that reason, perfume doesn’t tend to last very long on people with dry skin. Instead, the scent will evaporate in a short period of time.

Delicate, light perfumes might even disappear within an hour. A good trick to make perfumes last longer on dry skin is to first put moisturizer on so that the perfume has something to cling to. Or, you can choose a stronger fragrance such as an oriental perfume since such a scent naturally lasts longer.

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