Argan Oil: Its Amazing Benefits

Argan oil has been used for thousands of years in Morocco. Only recently has this luxurious oil become more popular in the Western world. Today, you can find this oil in all sorts of products, including skincare and hair products. People are even in the habit of adding this oil to their meals.

But what is so great about this oil? Keep reading and learn more about the major benefits of argan oil.

Argan Oil and Nutrients

While many natural substances contain antioxidants, argan oil is famous for having very high levels of antioxidants. Antioxidants are important because of how they are able to fight inflammation and soothe the body. For this reason, this product is great to use in the culinary realm as it can help your gastrointestinal tract stay healthy. You can use this oil in a variety of ways such as sprinkling it on salads or just swallowing it directly.

These antioxidants are also great for the external parts of your body like your skin and hair. Besides antioxidants, argan oil is also rich in vitamin E, also known as tocopherol. This is technically an antioxidant but it is also an essential vitamin that your body needs to stay healthy. In general, argan oil is an anti-inflammatory product.

Although it can’t cure any inflammatory conditions, it can certainly soothe certain parts of your body that might be irritated or inflamed. For example, if your skin is red and inflamed due to a rash or a similar problem, argan oil may be able to soothe your skin and make it look and feel much better.

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Research has shown that argan oil has some seriously powerful anti-aging powers. This is true for those who consume argan oil as well as those who use the product topically on their skin. It is believed that by consuming this product, its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties are able to slow the process of aging. This makes sense since aging is accelerated by free radicals that cause inflammation in the body.

Since antioxidants fight and reduce free radicals and repair free radical damage, it only makes sense that this oil could slow the process of aging. This oil is particuarly effective in menopausal and post-menopausal women. In particular, it can improve skin hydration and elasticity. This is not to mention that it can make the skin look very bright and healthy.

So, if you want to get a head start on your anti-aging routine, you might as well give argan oil a try.

Great For Hair

Many people do things that damage their hair everyday without even knowing it. For example, brushing your hair when wet, keeping your hair in a ponytail, and blow-drying your hair are all things that can cause damage to your hair. As a result, most people have dull hair with split ends and all sorts of other problems. If you have hair problems, argan oil may be able to solve them.

This is because this product is so full of beneficial fats that can be great for repairing damaged hair. Consuming this product can also promote healthy hair growth. It seems like the best results are achieved when consuming the oil along with applying the oil directly to the hair. Not only can this oil make your hair shiny and strong, but it can even put your split ends together to make your hair look and feel much thicker.

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