Emeraude Perfume By Coty: An Amazing Scent


In my quest to find a signature scent, I have been experimenting with a variety of different perfumes and perfume samples, one of which is the Emeraude perfume by Coty. The older generation may be familiar with this perfume, although it is not very popular today. The kind of perfume Emeraude is more of a classic scent rather than the sweet, fruity scents that are popular today.

But what is this Coty perfume all about anyway? What does it smell like and how does it wear? Keep reading to see what I deduced in my perfume review below.

What Is Emeraude Perfume?

Emeraude perfume is a very classic perfume for women. It was first released in 1921 by Coty. Coty has long been a very famous perfume house that was founded by Francois Coty in 1904 in France. You may know about this brand due to its famous Coty Airspun powder for the face which is a type of makeup that has been virtually unchanged since the 1920s.

Coty first got its start in perfumes and still produces a select number of perfumes, namely Emeraude. Interestingly, Emeraude seems to have a close connection with the Shalimar perfume by Guerlain (which, coincidentally, I have recently reviewed here). While I can see certain similarities between Emeraude and Shalimar, I wouldn’t necessarily say that they are twin scents.

Emeraude perfume.
My Emeraude perfume bottle.

When Emeraude perfume was first released in the 1920s, it was quite popular since it fit well with the scent profiles that were desired at the time. Today, many people find that this is an “old lady” perfume or something that is less than desirable. I personally find that, although this perfume isn’t my favorite, it is quite nice and I use it often.

But what does this perfume smell like?

The Scent Notes of Emeraude

The first interesting thing about this perfume for women is that it is an eau de cologne rather than an eau de toilette or even an eau de parfum. For that reason, this perfume is relatively light, but that doesn’t mean it disappears as soon as you put it on. I was actually quite surprised at how long this perfume lasted before it faded completely.

For me, it seemed to last almost the entire day. The top notes of this perfume consist of bergamot, lemon, and orange. These notes are the strongest when you first put on the perfume and then they quickly fade.

The middle notes are Brazilian rosewood, ylang-ylang, rose, and jasmine. I would say that the rosewood is very prominent and gives the perfume a delightful warmth. However, it does take around 30 minutes to an hour for these warmer notes to show up.

The base notes are vanilla, amber, patchouli, and sandalwood. After about two hours, the strongest scent to me is vanilla with a hint of amber. However, this perfume has an interesting powdery finish. I personally love powdery scents, but some people may hate them, so keep that in mind if you are one of those people.

The sillage for this perfume is relatively moderate. Usually, I prefer scents with a stronger sillage, but for this perfume, I prefer its moderate nature. The great thing about this perfume is that it is quite affordable.

I only got my 2.5 oz bottle for about $15. While some recommend this scent for evening use, I personally think that it is ideal for day and evening use.

I also quite like the design of the bottle. Some might find its design to be outdated or ugly, but I admire its minimalism. It is a simple rectangular glass bottle with “Emeraude” on a square label on the front. The cap is a bit plain since it is only a piece of white plastic. The perfume itself is a nice shade of green which is fitting since the perfume’s name means emerald in French.

Shalimar vs Emeraude

As mentioned before, some people find that these two perfumes are very similar. While they do have some similarities, I would argue that there are more differences between them. For one, Emeraude has more of a refreshing scent than Shalimar. Naturally, this is because of the citrus notes.

Also, Shalimar has an immediate smoky and resinous nature when first sprayed onto the skin which Emeraude does not have. The main similarity between the two perfumes has to do with the vanilla notes. Both of these perfumes, over several hours, become very vanilla-forward.

I would argue that Emeraude’s vanilla notes are a bit sweeter and fresher while Shalimar’s notes are richer and warmer.

Conclusion: Is Emeraude Worth It?

I personally like Emeraude. When I first tried it, I wasn’t sure what to think, but after trying it another time, I certainly enjoyed it. This is a very classic perfume from a previous era with notes of amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and a bit of powder.

If you like vintage perfume or just want to try something unique, definitely try Emeraude perfume. If you’re in the market for perfumes other than Emeraude, click here to explore a whole variety.

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