What Katie Did: Luxurious Knickers Review

I did a few reviews of What Katie Did products in the past and I was very satisfied with all of my purchases. So, of course, I couldn’t resist buying a few more items. One of the items I decide to get was the Harlow Nouveau knickers.

When it comes to vintage lingerie (or rather, vintage reproduction lingerie), What Katie Did is one of the best brands I’ve found so far. But what are these knickers like and what makes them unique?

What Katie Did Harlow Nouveau Knickers: What Are They?

Vintage underwear from the 1950s was known to rest high on the waist. These Harlow Nouveau knickers do just that. More than that, their entire design is very similar to authentic vintage knickers.

These knickers are designed to go with the rest of the Harlow Nouveau lingerie set that What Katie Did has to offer. I, unfortunately, did not have the chance to get some of the other items from this set like the Harlow bullet bra, but the knickers alone do well to stand on their own. These knickers are made out of peach power mesh.

Power mesh, of course, is a modern invention and it makes these knickers very comfortable and stretchy. The main thing I noticed was that these knickers were not cut as tightly as the other What Katie Did knickers I reviewed before. Instead of being cut small to shape, these knickers fit quite normally.

The Harlow knickers are very similar to authentic vintage underwear.

I personally prefer the suspender knickers that I reviewed before because they have a more secure, smoothing fit. However, these Harlow Nouveau knickers are very comfortable and are not at all loose or baggy. They fit the body very well and are easy to wear throughout the day.

The Details

Of course, because these are high-waisted, it is best to wear these with high-waisted pants, skirts, or dresses. These knickers are great for wearing with tight skirts or dresses because the seams are hidden and won’t show through your clothes. The majority of these knickers are made out of stretchy power mesh, although there is a decorative panel at the front made of satin.

Even though this satin panel is simple, I think it adds a certain elegant flair to these knickers. Because most of the knickers are made of power mesh, the knickers can stretch to fit your body. If you are thin, you may need to size down.

I also love the color of these knickers. They are a shade of very light beige with a slight pink hue. They are perfect for wearing under white or beige clothes, especially light dresses. Since these knickers don’t come with attachments for suspenders like What Katie Did’s suspender knickers, you would need to get a garter belt to wear stockings with these knickers.

What Katie Did knickers.
What Katie Did knickers back view.

Final Thoughts

I personally love the Harlow Nouveau knickers by What Katie Did. These knickers are stylish and are very similar to authentic 1950s knickers which is perhaps why I like them so much. They are a very nice color and go well with light-colored clothing. They are also very comfortable.

The main downside is that you can’t throw them in the washer machine. Instead, you have to wash them by hand. I personally don’t find this to be much of a downside because it doesn’t take much time or effort to wash a pair of knickers.

All in all, these knickers are one of my new favorites along with the suspender knickers also from What Katie Did.

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