Top Reasons Why You Need to Try The Korean Diet

The Korean diet is likely something very different than the diet you’re used to.

Did you know that two-thirds of people in the United States are obese while only 4% of Koreans are? While the rate of obesity is starting to increase in South Korea due to the recent growth of fast food and other Western cuisine, many Koreans still follow the traditional diet.

What is the this diet, you might ask? It is not a diet that focuses on restricting food as many American diets but instead it consists of eating certain foods that have long been staples of Korean cuisine. Keep reading to learn more about this diet and the Korean diet benefits.

What Is The Korean Diet?

The first thing you should know is that rice is a big part of the Korean diet. Many people believe that eating too much rice is bad for you, but Koreans eat rice almost every day and are quite healthy compared to those who follow a more American diet. Koreans also consume large quantities of broth, often vegetable or fish broth.

Fermented foods are also quite popular in Korea. Kimchi in particular is something that you will find at almost every Korean’s table. Kimchi consists of fermented cabbage and radishes. Fermented soy beans are also very popular. Kimchi has recently become more popular in America and for good reason.

The typical Korean diet.

This simple dish is a powerhouse of health. This is because its fermentation is made possible with probiotic lactic acid bacteria. Studies have found that this bacteria is beneficial for all different facets of human health including brain and heart health, protection against certain types of cancer, and the slowing of the aging process.

The Details

Before you start guzzling a heap of kimchi, you should know about the other foods involved in the Korean diet. You might know that Korean barbeque is quite a popular meal choice. However, Koreans actually eat barbeque meat on occasion. Koreans actually eat very little meat in comparison to Americans.

Instead, they eat large amounts of vegetables. You might find vegetables a chore to eat or perhaps unbearable, but Koreans have mastered the ways of making vegetables taste delicious. It is very common to ferment vegetables in Korea, but they also prepare vegetables by grilling, boiling, and sauteeing them.

Korean breakfasts may sound especially strange to Americans since they often contain vegetables and even fish. Even so, the Korean diet is full of benefits and can help you maintain or lose weight, improve your heart health, and more. If you’re unsure how to start incorporating the Korean diet into your life, all you need to do is look up a few Korean recipes and stock your fridge with common Korean ingredients.

While you might not be a fan of the change of diet at first, you will find that the flavors in Korean cuisine are truely unique and delicious.

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