What Katie Did Review Part 3: Stockings

In this last part (for now) of my What Katie Did review series, I will be reviewing two types of stockings: the black seamed stockings and the champagne latte glamour seamed stockings. When I ordered them, the black stockings were backlogged and I had to wait quite a while for them to ship while the latte stockings arrived within a week. However, the wait for the black stockings (along with the latte stockings) was certainly worth it.

Let’s dive into the details.

What Katie Did The Champagne Latte Glamour Seamed Stockings

I have to say that What Katie Did is one of the best suppliers of vintage-style stockings. There are few brands that really embody the retro look and structure of stockings so well. I like the structure and design of the stockings just as much as the appearance. Most modern stockings are made mostly of elastic material.

What Katie Did stockings.

Of course, original stockings from the 1940s or 1950s were not made this way. Instead, they were made mostly of nylon threads which is precisely how these stockings are made. There is a small bit of elastane in these stockings, but the majority is made from real nylon. For that reason, these stockings are more delicate compared to modern stockings.

I originally wanted to buy the famous fully-fashioned stockings from What Katie Did. Fully-fashioned stockings are those that are made on special stocking machines which made real stockings several decades ago. There are only a few of these machines left in the world. Of course, this makes fully-fashioned stockings a very special product and very authentic as well. This is not to mention that the seam on these stockings is a real seam that holds the stockings together instead of just a design.

However, these stockings are much more delicate (and more expensive) than ordinary stockings from What Katie Did. Since I have a tendency to be somewhat of a bull in a china shop (sometimes without meaning to), I knew that buying extremely delicate stockings probably wasn’t a good idea for me, so I opted for regular stockings.

I loved the champagne latte stockings as soon as I put them on. They are nude and match most light-colored skin tones. They make the skin look very smooth and even. The seam on the back is light but not so light that you can’t notice it. I think it gives the legs a very attractive look.

The Pros and Cons

The main con of these latte stockings is that, because they only contain a small bit of elastane, they will not stay up on their own without a garter belt or something similar. In my previous What Katie Did review, I talked about the suspender knickers I bought. These knickers go perfectly with these stockings.

I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to attach the garter straps to the stockings, but I eventually figured it out. The straps are also adjustable if you need to tighten or loosen them. The stocking welts are quite sturdy and stretchy (not to mention stylish). I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the stockings were.

Even though they are very thin, they somehow kept my legs warm. I bought these stockings with a Cuban heel. This means that the heel design is flat on top rather than pointed like the French heel. I particularly love the authentic design of the stockings. When taking them out of the packaging, they are very long and in the shape of a leg, unlike modern stockings which are very small and balled-up.

I also love the subtle look of these stockings as they are very accurate to typical daywear stockings that women would have worn in the 40s and 50s. The only main problem that I have with the stockings is that you have to be careful when handling them, especially when putting them on. If you have rough or dry nails (alas, like I do), you have to be very careful that your nails don’t snag the nylon threads or you could easily ruin the stockings.

Black Seamed Stockings

As the name suggests, these stockings are all black with black seams. These stockings have French heels, so the design on the heel of the stockings ends in a point. I like both the French and Cuban designs, but I like the Cuban design slightly better because it rises up higher on the heel and is more visible.

While the black nylon is quite dark, it is not opaque which I quite like. I find the slightly translucent black revealing the color of the skin beneath is more attractive than plain opaque tights or stockings. As with the latte stockings, these black stockings are mostly nylon with a bit of elastane in them.

The black matches perfectly with the other black vintage lingerie items that What Katie Did provides. The black shade, of course, is better for the evening rather than the daytime. They are just as delicate as the latte stockings and have a very authentic vintage look.

The dark shade does well to frame and slim the form of the legs. If you want something to make you stand out at a party, these stockings will certainly help.

What Katie Did black stockings.

Pros and Cons

These stockings (along with the majority of the stockings from What Katie Did) are made of nylon that is 70% recycled. What I love about these stockings is that they are perfect for vintage evening wear. While they may not be as convenient to wear as modern stockings, I find them much more attractive and sensual.

Again, the main downside is that they are quite delicate. When putting them on, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t have any hangnails that could tear the nylon. Also, to clean them, certainly don’t throw them in the washing machine. Instead, you’ll have to go through the drudgery of washing them, although, this task really isn’t as laborious as you might think.

What Katie Did Stockings Final Thoughts

I love both the black seamed stockings and the champagne latte seamed stockings from What Katie Did. I’m seriously considering buying more so I can wear them on a daily basis, especially the latte ones.

I could enthuse for hours about the authentic vintage structure of these stockings and the long, elegant seams, but for the sake of brevity, I will leave the article here.

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