What Katie Did Lingerie Review Part 2

In my last What Katie Did lingerie review, I went over the details of the Liz retro bra which was more or less a bullet bra without the spiral stitching. Part of the same Liz lingerie set is the Liz suspender knickers. The Liz set also comes with a pair of normal knickers, but I decided to get the suspender knickers because they can be worn both as regular underwear or as a suspender belt.

This makes them super convenient, in my opinion, but their benefits don’t stop there.

What Katie Did Lingerie: Liz Suspender Knickers

Unlike the other suspender belts that What Katie Did sells, the Liz suspender knickers only come with four suspenders instead of six. Some people might want six suspenders to better hold their stockings, but I find that four is also enough to provide plenty of support. The garment is made out of the same power mesh as the sides of the Liz retro bra and it is very sturdy.

The knickers, in general, are cut small to shape so they are meant to fit somewhat tightly. This is necessary for holding up your stockings. If the knickers were any looser, the stockings would likely end up dragging them down which is, of course, the last thing you’d want to happen when wearing them.

The knickers sit high on the waist in the same fashion as original 1950s underwear which I quite like. Because the power mesh is so strong, the waistband slightly brings in your waist. While it won’t provide any dramatic results as a waist cincher can, the knickers do provide a very nice and smooth shape. If you have any lumps or bumps, this garment should smooth them out.

What I especially like about these knickers is that the garters are removable. So, you can wear these like a suspender belt plus underwear or just as ordinary underwear. This makes it so you can wear them with just about anything whether it be pants, skirts, or anything else.

The suspender straps attach to the knickers by sliding into little fabric tabs that rest inside the knickers. These tabs are unnoticeable both in appearance and feel.

Pros and Cons

Like the Liz retro bra, the Liz suspender knickers are made out of recycled yarn which is sure to be a big benefit to those who are environmentally conscious. The thing I like the most about these knickers is the vintage design. Because they sit high on the waist, they are perfect for wearing under high-waisted pants or skirts.

That way, those pants and skirts won’t end up rubbing uncomfortably against your waist. The design of the knickers is also very sleek. The power mesh is black to match the rest of the vintage lingerie in the Liz set. The power mesh itself is made of 80% nylon and 20% elastane, so there is plenty of stretch.

The Details

What Katie Did lingerie.

This stretchiness is very important for the smoothing and shaping qualities that these knickers have, and it also makes a big difference in regard to the sizing. I ended up getting a size that was slightly smaller than my regular size and because the knickers are already cut small to shape, I was afraid they wouldn’t fit. But I then discovered that the knickers can stretch several inches in either direction, so the fit didn’t end up being a problem at all.

The stitching is very sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about the knickers tearing at the seams either.

The suspender straps are also adjustable. So, if your stockings rest too low or too high on your legs, you can adjust the straps so they can give your stockings the right support. The only downside I can see doesn’t have to do with the appearance or fit of the knickers but rather the maintenance.

Unfortunately, you can’t throw these knickers into the washer machine. Instead, you have to handwash them. This isn’t actually too much of a downside for me, but it may be for those who don’t have a lot of time to handwash clothes.

Final Thoughts

I love just about everything about the Liz suspender knickers. The design is very similar to original vintage designs and the fit is perfect. The knickers themselves are very stylish and sleek and they fit especially well under high-waisted garments. The removable suspender straps, of course, are an added bonus.

The last thing I have to review from my latest What Katie Did lingerie order are two pairs of seamed stockings, so stay tuned.

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