How To Build The Best Hair Care Routine

Building the best hair care routine doesn’t have to be hard. If you have dry and lifeless hair, you likely don’t have a great hair care routine. You might even have hair care habits that do more harm than good. Fortunately, learning how to take care of your hair isn’t as hard as you might think. It can be as easy as caring for your skin.

Understanding your hair type is the first step you should take. Do you have oily or dry hair? Straight or curly hair? Understanding these differences because certain types of hair require specific care compared to other types. Keep reading and learn more about building a great hair care routine so you can have luscious locks in no time.

The Best Hair Care Routine: Shampoo and Conditioner

You shouldn’t wash your hair every day, especially if you have dry and brittle hair. Washing your hair all the time, especially with harsh shampoo, can strip your hair of its natural oils. This will make it frizzy and dull.

Using water that is too hot can do the same thing as well. Very hot water can even damage entire shafts of hair. Even if you have oily hair, you should aim to wash your hair only around three or four times a week.

best hair care routine

That way, your hair can benefit from its own natural oils but at the same time, your hair won’t look greasy. Using a gentle shampoo is a good idea if your hair is already damaged. If you’re always using a very strong shampoo, it will strip all the nutrients from your scalp. Using sulfate-free shampoo is also a good idea because it will keep your hair from frizzing out.

Conditioner is a must when it comes to making your hair shiny and beautiful. No matter what hair type you have, conditioner will help prevent frizz and smooth out your hair. If you really want your hair to be moisturized and healthy, try using some leave-in conditioner after your shower. As the name suggests, you’re not meant to wash this conditioner out.

Letting it sit in your hair will give it all the nutrients it needs. Make sure to keep leave-in conditioner away from your roots as it can cause your scalp to produce too much oil.

Styling and Drying Your Hair

Certain hair styling techniques can be very damaging to your hair. Teasing your hair and tying tight braids in particular can ruin your hair roots. Does this mean that you have to give up these styles completely? Not necessarily.

If your hair is very damaged, you should try to avoid these styles for a while until your hair recovers. Then, to keep your hair healthy, you can stand to style your hair in these ways once in a while. Coloring your hair can be especially damaging and you should only do it once in a while as well.

But what about drying your hair? A full-proof way to dry your hair without damaging it is to let it air dry. Using the right towel is also important. Microfiber towels reduce friction and don’t make hair frizzy or too dry.

Using a hair dryer can damage your hair if you’re not careful. If you must use a hair dryer, try to hold it far away from your hair so that the heat doesn’t destroy the hair strands. To supplement your hair, use hair oil or balms about once a week.

If you follow these tips and incorporate them into your hair care routine, you should have healthy and beautiful hair in no time.

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