What Is Rice Water? A Miracle Product

What is rice water exactly?

Did you know that rice water is great for your skin and hair? Some cultures in Asia only use this water to wash their hair and, apparently as a result, they have been able to grow their hair to amazingly long lengths. While the scientific evidence behind the benefits of rice water is sparse, many people who use this kind of water rave about the apparent benefits.

Rice water is really nothing more than water that has absorbed some of the nutrients of rice. You can make this water quite easily. All you need to do is soak rice in a bowl of water for at least 30 minutes. To make sure the water is really enriched with the rice’s nutrients, try soaking the rice overnight.

You can also save any water you may have leftover after boiling rice, although some of the nutrients may end up getting destroyed from the high temperature. But what should you do with this water once you have it? Keep reading and learn more about the rice water benefits below.

What Is Rice Water? Use It for Your Skin Care Routine

Rice water is great for your skin care routine because it is full of anti-aging ingredients. In particular, this water is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are very helpful for slowing the aging process because of how they are able to battle free radicals in the body. Free radicals are unstable atoms that have the unfortunate ability of causing the skin to age faster than usual due to excessive bodily stress and inflammation.

Inositol is a particularly strong antioxidant that this water contains. The antioxidants found in this water may even be as strong as vitamin C. Besides that, rice water for skin also slows the activity of elastase. Elastase is an enzyme responsible for aging since it breaks down the elastin in the skin which keeps the skin supple and elastic.

what is rice water?

Some scientific studies have even found that people who use this water on their face regularly saw a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. Also, because its antioxidant properties help it battle inflammation, it can be great for soothing any skin irritation you may have.

Use It for Your Hair Care Routine

Many of the benefits of this water work not only on the skin but on the hair as well. Many people who use this water on their hair claim that the water can make their hair grow at a faster rate. While there is no evidence to support this, there’s no harm in trying it out.

Besides using this water for hair growth, this water is also great for making your hair look healthier and stronger. This water for hair is particularly good as making individual hair shafts softer and shinier. The reason for this is that this water may be able to reduce any friction between hair shafts.

The results are quite similar to the results you might find if you slept on a silk pillowcase. Because your hair isn’t being pulled due to friction, it will have a chance to become much smoother and shinier. You can use this water for your hair by first washing your hair and then pouring this water over your head. Leave the water in your hair for about 20 minutes and then rinse it out.

Once you add this water to your skin and hair care routine, you will find that your appearance will be healthier and more youthful than ever.

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